Scientists have been taking another close look at how to control this thrips with a range of species of predatory mites and bugs.

Controlling Echinothrips americanus with predatory mites and bugs

As every grower knows, thrips are a huge problem in ornamentals grown under glass. The usual suspect is the Californian thrips, a species with
Herbert Stolker Senior Consultant Africa

From open fields to tunnels

I am writing my second column having just returned to South Africa after two weeks in the Netherlands. It’s always good to keep in
The UK-based Flavourfresh Solfresh group has recently installed a 100% horticultural LED solution to achieve all-year-round production.

‘LED is greatest horticultural innovation since the invention of the tractor’

The Flavourfresh Solfresh group has the unwavering mission to be the most innovative and flavoursome tomato grower in the UK and beyond. The company
The pests Bemisia and tomato russet mite surfaced in large numbers in the tomato crop last year.

Growers alarmed by outbreaks of Bemisia and tomato russet mite

Several growing areas in the Netherlands and Belgium had to contend with them last year: Bemisia tabaci and tomato russet mite. These two pests
Influenced by the high cost of electricity, subsidies and the ageing of their previous systems, two Belgian nurseries installed hybrid top lighting.

Higher light level boosts yields, lost heat easy to make up for

Completely separately from one another, two Belgian rose growers with premises barely ten kilometres apart came to the conclusion that a combination of SON-T
The seaside resort of Chipiona in the south of Spain is a horticultural enclave with most small, extensive and non-mechanised nurseries

The Spanish government’s sustainability ambitions are a challenge for the future

The seaside resort of Chipiona in the south of Spain is a horticultural enclave with a character all of its own: cut flowers are
To meet the ever more stringent regulations and customer demands, it is becoming important for growers and breeders to optimise their use of raw materials.

Propagator makes optimal use of raw materials at new site

With the future regulations and the obligation to treat discharged water, making optimal use of raw materials is becoming an increasingly important issue for
The aim of the project was to optimise a vegetable crop by making use of the available scarce winter light.

Good cucumber yields in innovative Winterlight greenhouse

Last year the focus in the Dutch 2SaveEnergy greenhouse was on high-wire cucumbers. Over two production cycles, Wageningen University & Research investigated whether it
A range of new coated fertilisers is enabling growers of pot plants, bedding plants and soil-grown cut flowers to optimise fertilisation

Tailoring fertilisation for pot- and soil-grown crops gets easier

Some relatively new coated fertilisers are giving growers more options for optimising crop nutrition. Aspects taken on board in the development process included calcium
An innovative spray cabin has been developed which produces a fine, electrically charged spray mist. This provides highly homogeneous crop coverage and good pest control results with a very small quantity of spray solution.

New spraying technique improves hygiene and quality at Schreurs

Around two years ago, Dutch rose breeders Schreurs wanted to take their hygiene and quality control to a higher level. After setting up their
Big boost in tomato production with exact substrate measurements

Big boost in tomato production with exact substrate measurements

“Passion for perfection” – that’s Dutch tomato growers Schenkeveld’s slogan, and not without good reason. Production and quality are already at a very high
Rhizoctonia solani is a soil fungus with a wide host range and worldwide distribution. Its host plants include virtually all vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees.


Rhizoctonia solani is a soil fungus with a wide host range and worldwide distribution. Its host plants include virtually all vegetables, flowers, shrubs and
Ornamental breeders Dümmen Orange want to achieve at least a 25% market share in the ten best-selling crop groups.

‘Growing the breeding empire through innovation and expansion’

With its recent acquisitions of Wander Tuinier Succulenten (June), Hobaho (September) and Olij Rozen (October 2016), Dümmen Orange has once again been making the
Danny van der Spek is becoming more and more keen on NGG, although a lot of knowledge is still needed to translate the principles into practice.

‘New approach to climate control whets the appetite for more’

Dutch growers who are directly involved in research into Next Generation Growing soon discover that they can apply small parts of it to their
Hyperparasites of aphid predators are an ever increasing problem. A joint project has been set up to investigate ways of controlling the hyperparasites.

Controlling hyperparasites: on the trail of the best scents

Hyperparasites in the crop can completely disrupt biological crop protection. Sweet pepper growers in the Netherlands know a thing or two about that. But
Research shows that movement and touch (also as plants rub against each other) slow down growth. That can be frustrating but you can also use it to your advantage.

Movement and touch make plants shorter

Plants in the greenhouse are increasingly on the move. More attention is being paid to air circulation and mobile cultivation is on the rise.
Aleksa Zubic NatureFresh Canada

Labour challenges

Farming is an innately labour-intensive industry. With the advent of greenhouse technology leading to increased yields and better quality crops, labour has remained just
Marco Zuidgeest from Delfgauw grows the small core cucumber specially for the British food processing company Greencore.

Small core cucumber project calls for intensive collaboration

By the end of June 2016, time was getting tight for cucumber grower Marco Zuidgeest. If he wanted to grow the innovative small core
Insight into the 'arms race' between fungus and plant, can help a grower establish supporting cultivation measures.

Constant arms race between plant and fungi

Fungi parasitize plants because they can’t assimilate themselves. They have developed numerous methods of penetrating the plant. In turn, plants have developed a complete
Paul Jeannet, bedrijfsleider van UrbanFarmers in Den Haag

‘Qlipr is a really interesting system to work with’

Paul Jeannet, farm manager of the UrbanFarmers rooftop greenhouse in The Hague, has used the Qlipr system for three months in four different crops: