Cucumber and bell pepper with laser brand

Laser branding of fruit and vegetables on the rise

Organic wholesaler Eosta in Waddinxveen is labelling more and more fruits and vegetables using a laser. Others are also discovering this sustainable labelling method.
Van der Waay web shop for parts

Van der Waay launches new website with web shop for parts

Van der Waay launched a new, multilingual website with a web shop. Customers can visit the web shop to easily and quickly buy parts
A farmer works his land

Dutch agricultural industry smallest ecological footprint in the world

Thanks to high production levels, a reduction in the use of crop protection agents, the reuse of waste materials and a low percentage of
Spodoptera exigua caterpillar on a leaf

Tomato spurs caterpillars to cannibalism

A tomato that has optimised its defence mechanism against insects will not only suffer less damage from caterpillars, but will also incite caterpillars to
tomatoes grown on substrate

EU: ‘Substrate cultivation no longer organic’

Substrate cultivation no longer qualifies as organic. This is the outcome of numerous trialogue meetings between the European Council, the European Commission and the

More greenhouse vegetables but fewer ornamental plants grown in the Netherlands

In the past five years, the Dutch greenhouse horticulture industry has shrunk by approximately 10% in terms of acreage. As opposed to just under