BOM Group will present a completely new greenhouse concept at the Greentech: the Winterlight Greenhouse. This concept, in combination with a new type of screen system by Svensson and light-diffusing glass, yields 10% more light.

The Winterlight Greenhouse, with all its installations, systems and products is currently built on the site of Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture in Bleiswijk and will measure 500 m2. This coming winter the greenhouse concept will be tested with a new cultivation method for a cucumber crop, focusing on the winter period. Crop trials are conducted with the cucumber variety Hi-Jack. This variety is especially suitable for winter cultivation because of its leaf shape and direction.

Reflection factor

The newly designed greenhouse structure is fully powder coated in white with an increased reflection factor of 90%. The greenhouse is glazed with SmartGlass, a new type of diffuse glass, sized 300 x 167 cm. Even if the glass is wet or condensed, the light transmittance does not decrease. The integrated Iso++ screen system is installed in a W-shape for optimal light transmission in closed position and is equipped with a new high transparent screen fabric of Ludvig Svensson with an even better light transmission. The new greenhouse concept is also equipped with an Air in Control climate system (overpressure air).


The Winterlight Greenhouse was developed in collaboration with Wageningen UR, Svensson, Bayer Crop Science and Glascom Horticulture. The project has been made possible by the program Kas als Energiebron, the innovation and action program of LTO Glaskracht and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

BOM Group will present the new greenhouse concept at the GreenTech, hall 8, stand 108.