Levels of production of crops such as tomato and aubergine have increased in recent years with the use of rootstocks. In a number of other crops, such as pepper and cucumber, rootstocks are mainly used to prevent problems with soil diseases in organic production. The benefits of using grafted plants are already well known, but there is still a lack of knowledge of the interactions between scion and rootstock in different conditions and how to control them.

A group of experts have now compiled all the available knowledge in this area in a book called “Vegetable grafting: principles and recent practices”. It not only covers the latest scientific insights but also provides a lot of practical information on grafting methods, choice of rootstock and the use of grafted plants. It also features recommendations from researchers at the Greenhouse Horticulture business unit on how to best utilise the benefits of grafted plants during production.
This book can help to increase the production, quality and sustainability of grafted vegetable crops.