Book Plant Physiology In Greenhouses (128 pages)

Since 2004 Ep Heuvelink and Tijs Kierkels have been writing a continuing series of plant physiology articles for the Dutch horticultural magazine Onder Glas and the international edition In Greenhouses. The book Plant Physiology in Greenhouses consists 50 of their plant physiology articles.

Plant physiology is alive in greenhouse horticulture. That’s not surprising. Worldwide the sector is engaged in major changes. There is a strong need to reduce energy consumption. New production systems require reinvention of the grower’s skills. The market makes increasingly higher demands. To be prepared for all these challenges a good understanding of all the plant processes and their interaction with cultivation factors such as cooling, heating, air movement, leaf/root temperature is required.

Plant Physiology In Greenhouses (128 pages)
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