John Cappalonga: “We have invested heavily in producing high quality at low costs, including through a sizable expansion.”

“I have always been a fan of new ideas and new approaches”

Gee Vee Enterprises was founded in Harlow, UK, in 1997 by husband-and-wife team Gaetano and Vincenzina Cappalonga. The site is based in the UK’s
Measuring fruit temperature at the Moors sweet pepper nursery in Someren. A simple infrared sensor does the job.

Smart sensors and dashboards are the future

Sensors that map all the processes in the greenhouse. Drones that perform tasks in the right place in response to clear commands. New technologies
What plants are best for purifying indoor air?

What plants are best for purifying indoor air?

With the second crop in the Winterlight greenhouse at the Energy Innovation and Demo Centre (IDC) in Bleiswijk (NL) coming to an end, it’s