Breeder Dümmen Orange is presenting Basewell™, a new rooting technology for ornamental plants. This state-of-the-art rooting technology will simplify the process of bringing ornamental plants from the breeder to the grower through a special offshore rooting process.

The special offshore rooting process ensures that high-quality root cuttings can be delivered, together with a special strip, directly to the grower without any substrate. Growers will be able to plant the root cuttings directly in the pots they will be sold in.

‘New industry standard’

“We are very much looking forward to bringing this innovation to the market”, says Perry Wismans, Head of Floriculture Innovation at Dümmen Orange. “Through this technology, Dümmen Orange has raised the industry standard for plant breeding and granted customers from all over the globe access to an improved supply chain.”

On the European market in 2019

Growers who are looking forward to seeing the new rooting technology on the market will need to exercise a little patience. “The first launch of Basewell™ is directed at the North American market”, explains Harry Kloppenburg, Chief Commercial Officer at Dümmen Orange. “Basewell™ will be available elsewhere in 2019, including in Europe.”


Dümmen Orange tested Basewell™ in North America on a series of annuals and perennials. The objective of the tests was to assess the performance of the rooting technology in comparison to conventional non-rooted and rooted cuttings. Tests showed that the cuttings on which the Basewell™ technology had been used can grow into a sellable product in the same or even in a shorter time in comparison to rooted cuttings.

More tests

The tests involving Basewell™ took place at Costa Farms. The vice president of this nursery says that the rooting technology is performing well. “We successfully tested Basewell™ on our SunStanding Quick Turn™ cuttings and have now initiated tests on more varieties.”

Working more efficiently

According to Dümmen Orange the new technology will result in a shorter cultivation cycle because growers will be able to obtain their cuttings directly from the production site. Besides this, as Basewell™ allows cuttings to be transplanted directly into the pot in which they will be sold, growers will be able to save both space and money. The production area could therefore be used for growing the finished product.

Source/photo: Dümmen Orange.