Debets Schalke completed a turnkey greenhouse project of five hectares in Abkhazia. Besides the fact that this is the first modern large-scale greenhouse construction project in Abkhazia, it is also unique that the greenhouse is heated using electricity.

In the Netherlands almost all greenhouses are heated by gas and in Poland most of the greenhouses are heated by coal. “Debets Schalke increasingly builds more greenhouses in areas where the availability of fossil fuels is limited”, says Dylan Schalke of Debets Schalke. “The choice for electricity is not always obvious, but when electricity is cheaper than fossil fuel than it is an excellent price technical alternative.”

Turn-key tomato greenhouse

The completed greenhouse turnkey project is located in the western region of the Caucasus. An area with a mild climate with short and mild winters. The white coated greenhouse has a post height of 6.5 meters. A lighting system is installed, allowing the greenhouse to produce year-round for the Russian market. The first tomatoes are being harvested now.

Source/photo’s: Debets Schalke.