Koppert Biological Systems successfully completed the test phase of a mobile app plus online dashboard that identifies and analyses problems in the field.

This iPM app developed by Koppert USA makes use of innovative technology and consists of two components: a scout app with an intuitive user interface, and an online dashboard. The scout app allows growers to enter data into the system directly, while the dashboard provides insights into pests and diseases that can subsequently be used to analyse, treat and manage the problem.

Three modules

The iPM app is composed of three modules: a mapping module with custom-designed maps and scouting templates for indoor and outdoor applications; a graphic module to gain insight into the development of pests and diseases and analyse the effectiveness of treatments, and a treatment module to apply chemical, biological or cultural treatments. Following the launch of the app on the US market, the app has now been successfully tested in a number of European countries.

All-in-one tool

Growers can use the app for centralized data storage that can be consulted from anywhere in the field. The raw data can be stored and edited for further analysis. The scout data are downloadable for offline use by the customer. Maps and templates are customized to suit various scouting techniques and crops. The app is an all-in-one tool designed to link scouting, analysis, treatment and management.

The scouting software helps cut costs by providing accurate insight into pesticide efficacy, while the improved timing of biological applications increases the efficacy of the control agents. This reduces the need for pesticides, thereby improving crop health and increasing yield.

The app is currently only supported by iOS platforms, but Koppert is working on the development of an Android version. iPM Dashboard is a personalised management system that is available by subscription.

More information: http://www.koppertipm.com/scout.html

Source/photo:Koppert Biological Systems.