Fruit juice producer Haisheng, a Chinese company with more than 2,000 employees, recently ordered an Ultra Clima greenhouse from Kubo. This fully closed 12-hectare greenhouse represents a value of approximately 14 million euros for Kubo.

This is Kubo’s first large-scale project in China. The greenhouse builder was awarded the order by participating in a public tendering procedure. The Westland-based company will deliver part of the greenhouse complex this year. The client, Haisheng, exports approximately 176 million euro in juice on an annual basis.

A breakthrough

Kubo’s CEO and owner Wouter Kuiper (41) called the order for the tomato greenhouse a breakthrough in het Financieele Dagblad (the Dutch Financial Times), because this is the first time that Kubo’s efforts to be granted an order in China paid off. Haisheng ordered an ‘Ultra-Clima’ greenhouse; a special type of greenhouse developed by Kubo only a few years ago. This fully closed greenhouse uses little energy and requires fewer crop protection agents due to the fact that plants grown in a closed environment are less susceptible to disease.

Turnkey project

Kubo will be delivering the greenhouse in China as a turnkey project. The company will be producing as many components as possible in advance in the Netherlands and subsequently ship all the material to China. Local construction workers in China will be preparing the ground and installing the greenhouse under supervision of a Dutch contractor. Kubo was in the news last month as well, when the company was engaged to realise a prestigious project by an oil company in Oman. The company will be building a solar greenhouse complex in the gulf state that generates steam from solar energy. The greenhouse complex will cover 190 hectares and be delivered in 2018.

Source: Financieele Dagblad. Photo: Kubo.