Nijssen will present the mobile climate chamber MyGrowthRoom at the GreenTech. With MyGrowthRoom cultivators and researchers will be able to efficiently optimise growth recipes and test new LED solutions.

Cultivation tests play a crucial role for cultivation under LED-lighting. Optimum light schedules and climate recipes improve the product quality and guarantee a good balance between growth cycle and energy bill. Research also shows that, for example, flavour, colour and texture can be influenced with LED-lighting. With MyGrowthRoom multiple cultivation trials can be carried out simultaneously under uniform conditions. The settings of a cultivation trial are easily saved as a recipe. MyGrowthRoom has a growing area of 6 m3, with a flexible layout and can be used with any cultivation system.

Integrated cooling and drying

Two air coolers take care of the integrated cooling, heating and drying of the cultivation room. This reduces the required cooling capacity. A separate air dryer is no longer needed. The integrated regulation allows for better manageable climate conditions in a broad temperature and RH range. With that, MyGrowthRoom is universally employable for tests with a large number of crops in every growth stage. Further energy saving is realized by storing the radiant heat from the LED lighting into a heat storage tank during the day. During the nighttime period this heat is reused to keep the room at the right temperature without extra electric heating.Various refrigeration innovations save up to 30 per cent of the energy use for cooling.

High-tech research facility

Nijssen is renowned for realising advanced climate chambers for a large number of universities and seed improvement companies. “All of the know-how from these high-tech research projects is combined in MyGrowthRoom,” explains Edwin Snabel, business unit manager climate technology for Nijssen. “With MyGrowthRoom we offer professional cultivators the opportunity to do their own product research under the best possible circumstances.”

Nijssen can be visited in hall 8 at stand 133 during the GreenTech trade fair.