Soil is a living organism is the title of a new 12-minute explanatory video by Plant Health Cure that shows ‘how roots grow and what they really need’. The result is not only fascinating; it is also highly informative.

In a recent press release, Plant Health Cure said that the animated video is a gift for growers, consultants, researchers, teachers and other interested parties. “By demonstrating how plants grow and function below the ground we can provide information that every grower needs. Healthy and safe nutrients and less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere: this is something everyone wants. There is only one way we can achieve this, and that is with the help of all growers. We know everything there is to know about soil. Therefore, we also know what can be done to make soil truly healthy. With this knowledge, we aim to support growers so that we will be able to make even better decisions together.”

Source/video: Plant Health Cure.

PHC Film: Soil is a living organism from PHCBV – Plant Health Cure BV on Vimeo.