Raspberries and blackberries are relatively new crops under glass, so knowledge in this area is as yet in very short supply. Woody small fruit growers therefore still have a lot of questions on aspects such as the best climate, energy-saving and the ideal light levels to use.

But more information on the effects of assimilation lighting, light colours, optimum light distribution in the canopy, storage of plant material, substrates and nutrition would also be very welcome. To meet this need, we are launching an in-depth study in September. In it we will be growing two varieties of each crop under diffuse and clear glass.

The crops will be lit using top lighting and interlighting with LEDs. For the interlighting, three different light colours will be compared with each other. Among other things, we will be measuring photosynthesis under different light and CO2 levels. We will also be studying the distribution of assimilates to the generative and vegetative parts of the plant. The influence of the lighting treatments on the plants’ resistance to pests and diseases and the effects on the microorganisms around the roots will also be determined. We will of course also be looking at production, quality and energy usage.