In the ornamental industry, mixing and shipping goods on CC trolleys is highly labour-intensive. Growers dislike these trolleys because of their inferior manoeuvrability and limited automation options.

Eurotec has therefore launched Lowpad, an automation system for CC trolleys. It is an AGV (automatic guided vehicle) which fits underneath a CC trolley, lifts it up and travels autonomously with the CC trolley on its “shoulders”. Its wheels are separately driven and steered using Navigator, the on-board control and safety system. No floor infrastructure is required: all you need is a flat floor. It finds its way using an indoor GPS system combined with on-board sensors.

parent software

Lowpads are controlled by Supervisor (parent software) in an integrated system which provides traffic management, creates task and priority management, prevents collisions and plans the most efficient routes. Organizer (WCS) software can be supplied and connected to your current WMS/ERP system.
Stand number: 11.408