Sodium is a tremendous problem for growers practising the principle of circulation. A disproportionally high concentration of sodium results in limited crop growth and therefore a smaller yield.

The current method of discharging waste water puts a considerable strain on the environment and causes growers to waste useful elements such as nutrients, plant protection products and water. The Poseidon offers a solution for this problem: a system that intelligently extracts sodium from drain water with maximum retention of nutrients and water.

downstream reverse osmosis system

The water that is discharged contains sodium, no plant protection products and approximately 50% nutrients. This results in considerable financial savings and does not pollute the environment. The new system from the Van der Ende Group is equipped with a downstream reverse osmosis system to concentrate the water to be discharged and, in doing so, reduces it to 80%. The clean reverse osmosis water is then redirected to the drain silo.
Stand number: 12.506