Thanks to the unique pull wire installation robot, working at great heights and installation faults are no longer an issue.

Nowadays no greenhouse is built without a screen cloth. More and more greenhouses have double or triple screens for energy saving, sun shading, blacking out or reducing light emissions. Thanks to the innovative slip-in systems, installing screens is already much safer and easier than it was ten years ago.

Problem solving robot

On the other hand, a lot of dangerous work is still being done at heights of 6 or 7 metres. For every hectare of greenhouse, 2,000 metres of pull wire have to be installed. Installing pull wires is normally done manually, and as the wires have to be installed between thousands of upper and lower polyester wires, installation faults are easily made. With the innovative robot from Van der Valk Horti Systems, these problems are solved.
Stand number: 12.223