Lohuis Lighting vertical interlighting is a unique design that emits red, blue and far red light. Light is used very efficiently. Trials with Apollo interlighting showed a 100% increase in yields in the first three months of the year.

The Apollo can be combined with the Venus I top lighting strip. Since it radiates little heat, this strip light can be used near the plants so there is no loss of light into the aisles. In tomato and cucumber crops, LED is now not only more effective but also cheaper than conventional HPS lights.

Vertical interlighting

With this new LED interlighting, nurseries can reduce their electricity consumption by approximately 50% compared to HPS lighting. Since LED produces less heat, less CO2 is lost through ventilation to get rid of excessive heat. Water consumption is also slightly lower because the plants transpire less in a cooler environment.

Stand number: 10.114