The LoRa network, which was rolled out this summer, has been nominated for the Telecom Inspirience Awards’ Rising Star Award. Maasdijkse VTM Group’s LoRa (Long Range Low Power) network allows many types of sensors, including those in the horticulture sector, to be connected to the cloud via the Internet of Things. The region can now accelerate innovation thanks to the use of wireless sensors that can generate large data flows in the horticultural sector.

According to experts, the Internet of Things (IoT), will be the next big thing. The telecom world is responding actively, for example building special networks that link wireless and other sensors to the IoT. The VTM Group founded M2M Services six years ago, with the latter specialising in M2M/IoT solutions. Since this summer, M2M Services has had its own LoRa network in Westland. The launch of LoRa Westland led to M2M Services being a candidate for Telecom Inspirience Awards’ Rising Star Award.

Applications in horticulture

Thanks to LoRa Westland, M2M Services has made the IoT more accessible to business owners in Westland. The advanced developments in greenhouse cultivation in particular have made this region one of the most innovative in the Netherlands. The range of application opportunities are diverse. In horticulture, growers have traditionally measured many variables in their greenhouses; temperature, humidity and CO2, for example. These are many types of sensor, but they are generally wired. LoRa facilitates the use of wireless sensors, which is much more flexible and can lead to major changes in crop optimisation. It also means new sources of revenue for both growers and suppliers.

About the Telecom Inspirience Awards

This objective of the Inspirience Telecom Awards is to distinguish the best cases from the telecom partner channel. In early November, and TPM Magazine will announce which cases and business partners have been nominated in the various categories. The award ceremony will take place during a gala in Zalmhuis in Rotterdam.

Update, 17 November 2016:
M2M Services won the Rising Star Award in 2016 for the rollout of LoRa-Westland, its own LoRa network! For more information, please visit the M2M Services website.

Source/Photo: M2M Services.