Leo de Jong is the winner of the Arie van den Berg Innovation award. In the context of the 50th anniversary of Berg Hortimotive, this award is given to a person or company that has a progressive idea for the logistics process in the greenhouse sector.

Inspired by the technology of today’s hybrid cars Leo de Jong came up with the idea of generating energy with a pipe-rail trolley! When lowering the hydraulic scissors energy is released, which can be converted into electrical energy by using a simple technique.

Less strain

The energy generated can then be used to recharge the batteries in the pipe-rail trolley. In addition, this system makes sure that the lowering of the scissors puts less strain on the construction and those working on the platform.

According to Arie van den Berg, chairman of the jury and name-giver of the Innovation Award, the idea of Leo de Jong is a well thought out idea for a recognizable problem.

In the coming months a project team will be established with students and teachers of the Avans Hogeschool in Breda and employees of Berg Hortimotive to develop this idea further and to test its (commercial) viability.

Source/photo: Berg Hortimotive.