AutoStix is a revolutionary system designed by Viscon to automate the sticking of cuttings using a patented transplanter and innovative biodegradable strips.

AutoStix is an open source system, so it can be used by anyone in the industry. The use of a strip/carrier makes it extremely easy to automate. Ninety percent of vegetative cuttings can now be automatically transplanted. The system provides better quality control of cuttings at the nursery (a visual check is now possible) and unparalleled uniformity in cultivation at the rooting station.

Better rooting

Another advantage is better rooting due to the good, solid soil-root contact designed into the strip. Shorter cultivation cycles are guaranteed as the process is controlled. The strip (cartridge) is biodegradable – a world first in horticulture. There are numerous spin-off innovations based on the this strip (the biodegradable cartridge). The strip is a carrier designed to efficiently handle the plants in many different ways.
Stand number: 11.410