F&A Next, the first European platform for start-ups in the Food & Agri sector, is bringing the biggest group of international Food & Agri investors ever together. The F&A Next Event will take place at the Wageningen University Campus on 25 and 26 May.

The event will feature pitch sessions and panel discussions in which start-ups such as Proti-Farm (insects), Mosa Meat (lab-grown meat) and Mazza Innovations (nutrient extracts) will be given an opportunity to present themselves to the investors. In addition to Anterra Capital – the biggest investment fund in this sector worldwide – over 25 international venture capital and corporate venture funds will be attending the event in search of new start-ups for their next investment. They will be joined by ‘angel investors’ and representatives of leading European Food & Agri companies on the look-out for new innovations in food and agricultural technology to contribute to the next revolution in the sector, green or otherwise.

Venture capital investments

Adam Anders, Managing Partner of Anterra Capital: ‘It is only through innovative breakthroughs that we will be able to double the availability of food without making concessions to the well-being of people and our planet. Venture capital investments are mushrooming and it is time that the Netherlands takes up its position as a leader in this sector. Not only from the perspective of leading corporations and research institutes, but also from that of the entrepreneur. Venture capital funds like ours are only too happy to respond to this trend.’ 

Berry Marttin, member of the Rabobank Supervisory Board: ‘We need entrepreneurs to transform innovations into practical propositions that are perfectly tailored to the demands of the market. Stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship in the worldwide Food & Agri sector is one of the Rabobank’s highest priorities. We support the innovative ecosystem of entrepreneurs through financing, our unique expertise in the area of Food & Agri and our ability to link our networks in global food chains, from farm to ready-to-eat food. This is why we take pride in being a partner of F&A Next and in linking ideas to investments.’

The driving forces behind F&A Next are Wageningen University Research Centre, the Rabobank, FoodValley NL and StartLife. The event is being made possible thanks to the Province of Gelderland and Anterra Capital. The launch event will take place at the Wageningen Campus on 25 and 26 May. Start-ups, investors and corporates can register at www.fanext.nl.

Source: Food Valley Update. Photo: Proti-Farm.