HortiNext, the platform for horticulture innovations and cultivation practices now offers subscriptions to its premium content, starting from 1 July 2017. A number of technical improvements have also been implemented to make the website faster and more secure.

HortiNext is a dual-language platform for parties offering content related to horticulture, including Vakblad Onder Glas, In Greenhouses magazine, Exportmagazine, Certis Europe, HAS University of Applied Science and HortiLeads, the initiator of HortiNext. The editorial focus is on horticulture innovations and cultivation practices directed at growers, entrepreneurs and horticulture professionals, such as suppliers and researchers. HortiNext aims to communicate all valuable information about innovations and practices in the field of horticulture on a single platform.

Annual, weekly or monthly subscriptions

A large portion of the content published on HortiNext is provided at no charge, but a subscription is required to access premium articles. A full-year subscription costs € 60 (excl. VAT), but monthly or even weekly variants are also available. Subscriptions can be ordered conveniently online at the HortiNext webshop.

‘Mobile first’ platform

In addition to the above subscription options, a few technical improvements have been implemented. The entire website has been provided with an SSL connection to facilitate secure shopping. Download and upload times have been optimised, particularly for mobile devices, as well as legibility. HortiNext aims to be the most user-friendly and mobile platform for the horticulture industry.

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