Toine Overgaag: “Growing a new crop is a challenging opportunity. But we now produce some 2.8 million plants annually and rank among the top three growers in the western US.”

Westerlay Orchids evolves into major player in orchids in USA

At the end of the 1970s, the Overgaag family, with a background in vegetable growing, emigrated from the Netherlands to California to start a
The robot sets down pots with young orchid plants on mobile benches, where they are grown on until they are ready for sale.

Robot automatically spaces young pot orchids right distance apart

Orchid nursery Hazeu Orchids in Delfgauw in the Netherlands has robotised part of its internal transport system. The robot sets down pots with young
Last September a small Dutch trade mission visited Iran. The exhibition and trade mission were held in Tehran.

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