Paul and Marcel van den Broek: “The more even climate plus the longer screening can result in 10 per cent energy savings per kilo of product.”

“I get goose bumps from such evenly coloured tomatoes”

The air above an energy screen is much drier than that below it. Currently around 20 companies in The Netherlands are making use of
A thermal camera took an image of the tomato crop every ten minutes over a six-week period.

Intensive screening promotes transpiration from the top

Reducing energy consumption in greenhouses is associated with higher humidity levels. Many growers are concerned that this could make the crop less active, impacting
Researchers have been working with screen manufacturers to develop an objective method of determining the energy saving performance of screen fabrics.

Energy-saving screens can now be compared objectively

Screen suppliers each have their own methods of determining the energy-saving performance of their screens, making it very hard for the grower to compare
Tomatoes in the 2SaveEnergy greenhouse

Strong tomato crop with less gas in 2SaveEnergy greenhouse

In a Cappricia crop in the 2SaveEnergy Greenhouse, we are seeing how far we can go with limited ventilation. Among other things, an average
High-wire cucumber grower Hans Houben is heading ever further down the path of Next Generation Growing.

Cucumber grower takes quantum leap with Next Generation Growing

Hans Houben’s initial reason for trying out Next Generation Growing was to save energy. “But that shouldn’t really be your main objective: you need