A strategic partnership contract was signed by Theo Sanders and Harm Maters of the Hortivation Foundation and Sjaak Bakker of the Greenhouse Horticulture division of Wageningen UR on 19 April.

Aside from individual support offered by the Greenhouse Horticulture division of the Wageningen University Research Centre to the members of the Hortivation Foundation, the partnership will include the joint set-up and execution of various innovation-oriented projects. Hortivation’s members include Alcomij, Boal, Certhon, Dalsem, Gakon Kassenbouw, Glasimport Greenhouses, Maurice Kassenbouw, Metazet, Prins Kassenbouw and Van der Hoeven.

NEN for light transmission

The first project to be undertaken jointly between Hortivation and Wageningen UR is to set a standard for the optical properties of diffuse and other greenhouse covering and screening materials. This will result in an NEN standard for the light transmission of transparent greenhouse materials. Immediately following, the priorities will be set for the strategic partnership in the 2016-2017 period.

The Hortivation Foundation (formerly Storeka) focuses on technical innovation and knowledge management for greenhouse horticulture applications. Its internationally operating members are active in the development and worldwide supply of greenhouse production systems. In collaboration with and for the benefit of its members, Hortivation aims to secure the highest position in the Netherlands in the field of integrated growing systems.

Source: Wageningen UR. Photo: Mario Bentvelsen.