Paul and Marcel van den Broek: “The more even climate plus the longer screening can result in 10 per cent energy savings per kilo of product.”

“I get goose bumps from such evenly coloured tomatoes”

The air above an energy screen is much drier than that below it. Currently around 20 companies in The Netherlands are making use of
A thermal camera took an image of the tomato crop every ten minutes over a six-week period.

Intensive screening promotes transpiration from the top

Reducing energy consumption in greenhouses is associated with higher humidity levels. Many growers are concerned that this could make the crop less active, impacting

CropObserver offers growers more insight into a plant’s growth process

Growers are, of course, keen to ensure that their crops grow as optimally and quickly as possible. An efficient – or more efficient –
Dehumidification trial at van Koppen nursery Dehumidifier boosts yields, cuts disease pressure and saves energy

Dehumidifier boosts yields, cuts disease pressure and saves energy

A giant dehumidifier in cherry tomato grower Robert van Koppen’s greenhouse in Kwintsheul (Westland, the Netherlands) keeps the RH below the critical value of
Grower Rob Olsthoorn of OK Plant deliberately opted for a triple screen for his new greenhouse so as to make it as closed an environment as possible.

OK Plant opts for triple screen to boost quality even further

Next Generation Growing has played a major role in the choices Dutch orchid grower Rob Olsthoorn of OK Plant is making for the new
A different growing strategy is a potential key to saving energy. An important part of this is to slow down transpiration.

Slowing down crop transpiration cuts energy consumption

The focus of energy savings usually lies in technology. But the crop itself offers numerous opportunities to economise on energy consumption. Many research results
Limiting light emissions called for creative solution

Combining two vertical fans makes for more even climate

Assimilation lights give off a lot of heat which stays at the top of the greenhouse when you would rather have it down near
A tomato grower is the first to gain experience with an anti-condensation coating for glass.

First grower sheds more light on anti-condensation coating

In the past, greenhouse roof light transmittance has always been measured when the roof was dry. But a greenhouse roof spends half the year