Silke Hemming: “The ultra-thin glass is so flexible that it looks like plastic film. The construction industry is also taking an interest.”

Ultra-thin glass: the way forward for the low-energy greenhouse?

Glass just 0.55 mm thick has been around for some time now. It’s on every mobile phone and tablet. It’s extremely light, strong and
There are various horticultural paints available which protect against the wide range of influences in the greenhouse

Include painting pipes in a proper maintenance schedule

Every hectare of greenhouse contains an average of 10-15 kilometres of heating pipes. High relative humidity, temperature fluctuations and wear and tear from mechanical
Manufacturers offer a wide range of glass types. The question is how growers are supposed to choose if they don’t have enough data on their own crops.

“Sharing crop data helps build knowledge on diffuse roof”

Diffuse glass is becoming routine in new build greenhouses – and much more quickly than anticipated. But it is still difficult for growers to
Greenhouse of the future

Glazing on the prototype of the ‘Greenhouse of the Future’ generates...

Maurice Kassenbouw is building a prototype for the ‘Greenhouse of the Future’ at the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. The most remarkable aspect of this
Greenhouse for algae cultivation

Eparella opens one of world’s biggest algae greenhouses in Austria

Greenhouse builder Debets Schalke has a built one of the largest greenhouse for the cultivation of algae in the world in Austria. The greenhouse