The ‘Plants4Cosmetics’ study that Wageningen UR–Food & Biobased Research was engaged to conduct by the Centre of Expertise for Plant Compounds, Bio Base Westland and Topsector T&U confirms a promising future for natural cosmetics. Four plants have been selected for further research based on this study.

Sales figures for the natural cosmetics industry rise by over 10% every year. There is a particular demand for ingredients that can be used for skin care products, personal hygiene products and perfume, according to the Centre of Expertise for Plant Compounds. This means that there is a growing demand for plant-based extracts for specific applications, such as essential oils for fragrances, phenols with antimicrobial properties and colouring agents with a UV filter. Four plants were selected for further research based on the ‘Plants4Cosmetics’ study conducted by the Food & Biobased Research division of Wageningen University Research Centre.

Hyacinth perfume

One of these plants is the hyacinth. The selective extraction of a high-quality essential oil for fragrances and the perfume industry is considered highly promising. Geraniums and chrysanthemums are also of substantial interest for the extraction of essential oils and flavonoids. The researchers also recommend that the value of the interesting plant-based substances that can be derived from orchids is further investigated.

Source: Centre of Expertise for Plant Compounds. Photo: Mario Bentvelsen.