Holland America Line is entering into collaboration with the acclaimed Dutch grower Koppert Cress. The horticulture specialist aims to start growing micro-vegetables aboard HAL’s new cruise ship, the MS Koningsdam. The cresses will be grown in the ‘Cressomatic’, where the passengers can watch them grow during their cruise.

Cresses are the shoots of individual plants, each with a surprising impact on the senses. The micro-vegetables will be grown at the Culinary Arts Center aboard the MS Koningsdam, a new ocean liner with a capacity of 2,650 passengers. The cress grown in Koppert Cress’ vegetable garden will be added to the dishes ‘a la minute’ by the ship’s chefs, who will be preparing their unique meals in the open-plan kitchen. The cuisine is based on simple techniques based on traditional craftsmanship, allowing the guests to enjoy meals made with freshly grown ingredients during special dinners in ‘farm-to-table’ style.


The Cressomatic for Holland America Line (HAL) will comprise three climate chambers with three cultivation tiers each. This will provide enough space for 441 containers that are filled by Koppert cress with seeds and cultivation medium. The crop will then finish growing practically on its own. The Cressomatic features an advanced climate control system, which regulates the temperature, humidity, light intensity (LED lighting) and irrigation fully automatically. The control systems and settings are based on Koppert Cress’ high-tech production greenhouse in Monster.  The Cressomatic was developed in collaboration with PB Techniek. The system satisfies the stringent demands placed on hygiene and food safety applied by the cruise ship sector. Once sown, the little plants can be harvested in just about a fortnight. The various cresses have unique flavours, such as garlic, mustard and liquorice, for a special and outspoken culinary sensation.

Click here for a virtual tour of the Culinary Arts Center of MS Koningsdam.

Bron/foto: Koppert Cress.