With the introduction of the new Harmony climate screens, Svensson proclaims to have taken diffused light to the next level. Recently conducted field tests show that crops grown in shade spots under this screen receive 32% more light in comparison to the first generation of Harmony screens.

Svensson developed Harmony for growers who are looking to combine shading and diffuse light for better growth. Measurements have shown that the new Harmony screens enable sunlight to be better distributed than ever before.

More homogeneous distribution of light

Two PAR light sensors measure the light in two comparable sections in a greenhouse, one of which is equipped with a traditional Harmony screen and the other with a new Harmony screen. The sensors continuously measured the light intensity, plotting the results on a graph:

Violet: New Harmony. Grey: Harmony.

The tests revealed that both climate screens provide diffused light, but that the new Harmony screens allow the light to be more homogeneously distributed. This results in a more uniform, faster-growing crop and better working conditions.