Light plays an important role in demanding crop science research applications. A lot of research requires accurate replication of real-time outdoor light conditions to achieve different goals.

But it is impossible to replicate those conditions to the extent to which data collected indoors would be relevant. LightDNA was created to solve this problem. The system consists of Valoya’s latest technology: the 8-Channel Light, a high-power LED fixture with eight channels of light, an internet connected microcomputer and both local and cloud-based software for processing the light data.

Optimised LED configuration

The configuration of LEDs is optimised to meet outdoor light conditions with 90% or higher accuracy (380-780 nm range).
Other advantages are: light-weight, compact design suitable for various applications; strong light intensity up to 2000 µmol/m2/s with uniform light output; low heat emission with active cooling system and energy saving.
Stand number: 12.424