On Thursday 16 June Svensson and Hoogendoorn accepted the GreenTech Community Award 2016 for their mutual innovation ‘Connected Screening’. The software module casted most public votes.

Hoogendoorn and Svensson introduced ‘Connected Screening’ during the GreenTech in Amsterdam. The software module calculates the effect of various screens on ventilation, humidity transfer, energy savings and transmission of light and outgoing long wave radiation based on the Svensson screen characteristics and position. With this accurate data growers can achieve more screening hours without risking high humidity levels below fully closed screens. This allows growers to achieve a homogeneous climate, higher crop yields and up to 20% extra energy savings. Data is presented at a glance via a custom-made visualization.

Next Generation Growing

Field research within the Next Generation Growing (NGG) shows that the highest crop yields are achieved under double layer energy screens and completely closed screens (without gaps). However, in practice this is often hard to realize due to a mismatch of screen characteristics or inefficient use of climate control. This leads to an unstable greenhouse climate. The consequence: an increase in pests and diseases that negatively affects crop quality and yields. Hoogendoorn Growth Management and Svensson respond to these needs with the new screening software Connected Screening, specifically developed for the iSii process computer.

In the weeks before the GreenTech the public had the opportunity to cast their vote for their favorite innovation (out of 73 entries). ‘Connected Screening’ received 46% of the votes, followed by Priva’s deleafing robot (36% of the votes) and HortiMax Go! of Ridder HortiMax (9% of the votes).

Source: Hoogendoorn/Svensson. Photo: GreenTech.