Moon Biobased Products and Klasmann-Deilmann are going to cooperate on the international marketing of the Growcoon. The Growcoon is a 100% biodegradable plug root, developed and produced by Moon Biobased Products.

“Over the past year, the Dutch market has confirmed that Growcoon is a pioneering, forward-looking and successful product for the horticultural sector. To get growers’ attention for this product in the Netherlands and Europe, we were looking to work with an established, international party,” says Bart Oude Wesselink, Managing Director of Moon Biobased Products. That party turned out to be Klasmann-Deilmann, the global substrate leader with its own peat bogs in Germany, Ireland, Lithuania and Latvia. The substrate supplier currently has no root plugs in its range, and sees the Growcoon as a game-changer. Ted Vollebregt, Managing Director of Klasmann Deilmann Benelux, says, “We see the Growcoon as a product that will bring structural change to the horticultural sector.”


The Growcoon is a 100% biodegradable root plug for horticultural use. The degradation time is 12 months on average, depending on the substrate’s bacterial activity, humidity and acidity. The active soil life in open field crops accelerates the decomposition process. The Growcoon can be automatically introduced in all standard trays, and filled with substrate. The Growcoon’s correct shape, coupled with loosely filled substrate and an open mesh structure, is an ideal base for optimal and rapid plant growth. Following the successful introduction in 2016, Moon Biobased Products is expecting at least a tenfold increase in sales in 2017.

Source/photo: Maan Biobased Products.