Priva introduced Priva Alarms, an app with an alarm function, at the Gorinchem Horticulture Business Days. The app displays an overview of any alarm notifications emitted by the user’s Priva systems.

The app is easy to use and provides a clear overview and, more importantly, peace of mind. As detailed information is available directly on the screen, users will be able to see straight away what actions are needed. An alarm signal is given whenever a Priva computer at the user’s horticultural business has been inoperative for more than fifteen minutes. The alarm history can be retrieved via the app and the alarm signal can be switched off at all times by remote.

Easy to use

It takes just a few simple steps to install the Priva Alarms App. Simply select your preferred subscription type, connect the sites, link your Priva systems and enable your co-workers to access the app by registering them as well. The Priva Alarms App can be obtained in the iOS, Windows and Android App Stores.

Source/photo: Priva.