Prof. Dr. Ir. Tiny van Boekel, working in food quality and product design, Lars Charas, ‘gastronomic author’ and founder of Feeding Good and Peter Maes, corporate marketing director Koppert Biological Systems are our guests in this very special Jungle Talk on Tuesday 26 April, 19.30 Dutch time. The central theme is the relation between healthy plants, healthy food and healthy people.

After WW II the so-called ‘Green Revolution’ improved food production, both in quantity and in quality. Prices went down, production volumes increased and now a growing part of the world population has access to affordable food.

Dealing with the future challenge of having to feed 9 billion people in 2050 large scale production still dictates the daily life of most agri- and horticultural producers. Large scale and monoculture production, often combined with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers have exhausted soils in many places. Is this the way to continue or can we find alternatives?

Healthy plants, healthy food

A healthy soil is supplying elements to the plant, making it more vital and healthy and less vulnerable to pests and diseases. Healthy plants are providing solutions to prevent malnutrition. Can we try to combine natural solutions with modern technology for a sustainable future? Can we focus on healthy food instead of calories only? Can this be done in a sustainable way? What can we learn from nature?

Our guests invite you to join the discussion on sensible solutions for food production and food technology. Join our debate on Tuesday evening April 26 at 19.30 hrs.

You can register to participate in this Jungle Talk (free of charge) via this link. The only thing you need to do is to be online and make sure your internet connection is working properly. Please note this webinar will be conducted in English.

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