Van der Waay launched a new, multilingual website with a web shop. Customers can visit the web shop to easily and quickly buy parts for their machines. Van der Waay delivers the machines – to clean, chalk and repair greenhouses, and to perform maintenance – and its parts to horticultural entrepreneurs and contracting workers all over the world.

All AquaJet parts will be available at the launch of the new website. The AquaJet is the indoor greenhouse roof cleaner. Parts of, among others, the Top Cleaner and Top Cleaner Poly will also be available soon. Customers create an account in the customer portal when they want to order parts. That enables them to place online orders. Contacts can also download several documents from the customer portal, such as the user manuals of the machines.

Attention for safety

With the new website, Van der Waay can offer its current and future customers better help. Besides a clear and expanded overview of all solutions and products Van der Waay offers, the website also pays a lot of attention to safe working on and around greenhouses. More and more countries set high safety requirements for working on the greenhouse. Besides that, greenhouses are getting higher. Van der Waay’s machines comply with all safety requirements – also the local ones – and the website explains all safety devices. It also includes an expanded list with safety tips for horticultural companies’ staff.

Expanded product descriptions

The website contains an expanded description of all solutions Van der Waay delivers. The most important products are the Top Cleaner, the Top Cleaner Poly, the AquaJet, the Top Sprayer, the Safety Cart and the Repair Shuttle. Several solutions are possible with the Repair Shuttle, the Service Platform and the Safety Cart to make sure staff can perform activities on the greenhouse without putting themselves in danger.

Source/photo: Van der Waay.